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Human Organizational Performance – Behavior Safety

This session will focus on how and why employees make mistakes or errors and how they were dealt with either from an organizational or individual perspective.

Rob Boyd, Regional Human Performance Lead – North America Corporate Environmental, Health and Safety, Cargill Inc., Morgantown, WV
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Rob Boyd, Cargill
Rob Boyd

Fumigation Practices and Safety Techniques

Fumigations take place at grain facilities on a regular basis. The presentation will include an overview of the fumigation process with emphasis on the safe application of fumigants, monitoring for efficacy, bystander safety, and the receiving of materials fumigated in transit.

Speaker: Blake Buckner, Business Development Manager, Degesch America, Weyers Cave, VA 
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Blake Buckner

Grain Grading Operations Best Practices

The effectiveness of the U.S. grain inspection system depends largely on the ability to sample, inspect, grade, and certify the various grains for which standards have been established under the United States Grain Standards Act, as amended. This session is designed to discuss best practices in working with producers, grain handlers, officially designated agencies and the Federal Grain Inspection Service during the sampling, inspection and grading process.

Panel Discussion:

Kia Mikesh, Vice President, NDGI | Official Grain Inspection, Fargo, ND • Bio

Don Wray, Director of Operations, The Andersons, Maumee, OH
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Kia Adams Mikesh
Kia Mikesh

Managing a Safety and Health Incident 

This session will address effective techniques to identify, prevent, respond to, record, and analyze exposure to health and safety risks in the workplace.

Speaker: Dr. Christopher Jankosky, M.D., Senior Vice President, Medical Operations, Workcare, Inc., Carmel, CA
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Dr. Christopher Jankosky, M.D.

How to Perform a Safety and Health Incident Investigation and Analyze Hazards

This session will provide recommendations on how to use the safety and health incident investigation to determine the root cause and establish corrective actions. This includes identifying appropriate safety measures to be used to mitigate the identified hazards.

Speaker: Doug Fletcher, OSHA Training, Safety Consulting, Fletcher Safety Consulting, Omaha, NE  Slides | Audio | Video (1:04:31)

Doug Fletcher

Airflow: Lessons Learned in Practical Applications of Air Facilities

 A comprehensive discussion about air movement throughout a facility, including static pressure, fresh air, circulations, and air filtration.

Speaker: Jeremy Dose, PMP, Senior Project Manager, ADM, Metamora, IL 

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Jeremy Dose ADM
Jeremy Dose

FDA Inspection Plans for 2022

This session will focus on FDA’s priority areas of focused domestic inspections and intended guidance for FSMA, including certain enforcement provisions for Preventive Controls.

Speaker: David Fairfield, Senior Vice President, Feed, NGFA, Waukee, IA 
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Dave Fairfield - NGFA
David Fairfield

Hiring, Training, and Retaining Employees – Entry Level Driver Training, Drug Testing, Safety

The panel discussion will focus on employee training and development efforts as a tool in employee retention efforts; and will address critical issues that are an important part of many grain handling facilities’ business strategies moving forward.  



Shawn Lambert
Shawn Lambert
Ryan Janssen
Ryan Janssen
Jeff Willis
Jeffrey Willis

Panel Discussion: Shawn Lambert, Safety & Risk Manager, Co-Alliance Cooperative Inc., Avon, IN  • bio  

Ryan Janssen, EHS Director, Key Cooperative, Roland, IA • Bio

Jeffrey Willis, Senior Safety & Security Manager, Perdue AgriBusiness LLC, Salisbury, MD • Bio
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A Real Hot Topic:  Preparing For and Surviving Inspections Under OSHA’s New Heat Illness National Emphasis Program

OSHA recently announced the launch of a new enforcement imitative as part of its National Emphasis Program (“NEP”) for Outdoor and Indoor Heat-Related Hazards.  To meet the inspection goals set by the Heat Illness NEP, OSHA’s Area Offices will be conducting surprise programmed inspections of agriculture/grain handling employers as well as traditional inspections of fatalities, hospitalizations, and certain complaints.  This session will focus on what employers can expect during Heat Illness NEP inspections and how to prepare for them to hopefully achieve a better outcome.

Speaker: Aaron Gelb, OSHA and Employment Defense Partner, Conn Maciel Carey LLP, Chicago, IL 
Bio | Slides | Audio | Video (1:11:43)

Aaron GELB: Conn Maciel Carey LLP
Aaron Gelb
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